ImageXd leaves the beta phase.

I think ImageXd is ready to be released into the world. In addition to the vector field, it also contains the tensor field creation from fibrous data sets. This allows you to use a number of additional software tools to evaluate them.

Meeting – Active researchers of fascia 2018

Interesting meeting in Chemnitz.

24. Erfurter Tage

We were represented with a presentation at the ’24. Erfurter Tage’.

Die Verteilung des Bindegewebes im Menschen
Stark, Fichtner, Mischewski, Fischer

24. Erfurter Tage

Technical note

The websites and has been changed to https (secure transportation protocol).

Symposium “Faszien” 2017 in Coburg

We are represented with our presentation:

12.30 – 13.00 Uhr: Die Rückenfaszien bei Mensch und Tier – relevant für Lumbalschmerzen
Prof. Dr. Martin S. Fischer, Dr. Heiko Stark, Irina Mischewski, Jena

Medau Flyer Symposium-2017