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Software rebuild (cloud2, master, imagexd, enzyme2, vcfdumper)

Bug fixes and new features added (19.05.2020).


Main changes: For all, please look into the macros!
@cloud2: New color maps. See also the new script description!
@cloud2: New splitting options: curvature or torsion.
@imagexd: New image and scalar command (median).
@imagexd: Dual and triple energy CT reconstruction (scalar.intensity).
@imagexd: New GUI for stack calculations – dual-energy, triple energy, subtract, mean, median (combine.starkrats).
@Ximagexd & Xenzyme2: Added for GUI development.
@enzyme2: New commands for publication mining.
@fasta2max: Added to convert fasta data to protein susceptibilities.

@cloud2: Fixing the analytical calculation for curvature and torsion (mesh>1d).
@imagexd & enzyme2: Now also correct loading with master.
Many thanks to Julian Sartori for his help!