Master – GUI

Master is a tool to simplify the editing of macro files. Macros can be executed, paused, or stopped. They are linked to the specific command-line tool by the shebang (#!) reference in the first line. With master, several macros can be started in parallel or sequentially and the individual output can be viewed.

Version 13.11.24

This program is owned by Heiko Stark. It can be used free of charge for non-commercial use. For the common citations in publications, please use the following entry “Master software (Heiko Stark, Jena, Germany, URL:”.

▸ Download

An installer for Windows and Linux can be found here: Software

master 64bit (Windows & Wine/Darwine)
master 32bit (Windows, ReactOS & Wine/Darwine)

master 64bit (MacOS X with Quartz/GTK2 & Darling)
master 32bit (MacOS X with Quartz/GTK2 & Darling)

master 64bit (Linux with GTK2)
master 32bit (Linux with GTK2)
master arm (Linux with GTK2)

master 64bit (FreeBSD with GTK2)
master 32bit (FreeBSD with GTK2)

master 64bit (Solaris with GTK2)
master 32bit (Solaris with GTK2)

Note: Intel 32bit runs also on 64bit systems, but only with 4 GB memory!

▸ Example

// This is a comment for the enzyme macro - you can use this macro like a programing language
// For more infos, please see | enzyme
// Copyright (c) 2011-2011 by Heiko Stark

load.metacycle "reactions.dat"
load.metacycle.enzyme "enzrxns.dat" // fill up gene numbers (MGI)
load.metacycle.gene "genes.dat" // fill up gene names
load.metacycle.pathway "pathways.dat" // fill up pathway names
load.affymetrix "Mouse430_2.na32.annot.csv" "" // full database

▸ References

Used for the Gerontoshield project.

Used for the ‘Wirbelk√∂rperstabilisierung‘ project.

And used for these investigations:
Andrada E, Mothes O, Stark H, Tresch MC, Denzler J, Fischer MS, Blickhan R (2022) Limb, joint and pelvic kinematic control in the quail coping with steps upwards and downwards. Sci Rep 12, 15901. DOI:10.1038/s41598-022-20247-y / EISSN:2045-2322

Stark H, Fischer MS, Hunt A, Young F, Quinn R, Andrada E (2021) A three-dimensional musculoskeletal model of the dog. Sci Rep. 11(1), 11335. DOI:10.1038/s41598-021-90058-0 / EISSN:2045-2322

If you want to send me a bug report or have some suggestions about what future versions of ‘master’ should support, you can contact me either by email (bugs[@]starkrats[dot]de).