A new preview article is online

Our new research article (Limb, joint and pelvic kinematic control in the quail coping with step perturbations) is online as preprint (bioRxiv).

Andrada E, Mothes O, Stark H, Tresch MC, Denzler J, Fischer MS, Blickhan R (2022) Limb, joint and pelvic kinematic control in the quail coping with step perturbations. BioRxiv:2022.01.11.475813; DOI:10.1101/2022.01.11.475813

Software rebuild (cloud2, master, imagexd, enzyme2, vcfdumper)

Bug fixes and small features added.

Main changes: ImageXd has now more image and scalar functions.

27. Erfurter Tage

We are represented with poster presentations at the 27. Erfurter Tage:

27. Erfurter Tage 2021
(Symposium zur Prävention arbeitsbedingter Gesundheitsgefahren und Erkrankungen)

Our presentations:

H. Stark, M. Fichtner, S. Schuster – Proteinstabilität gegenüber chemischer Modifikation am Beispiel von: SARS-Cov 2.

H. Stark, M.S. Fischer, E. Andrada – Die Modellierung der Fortbewegung bei Hunden: Einflüsse der Körperstruktur, der neuromechanischen Kontrolle und degenerativer Erkrankungen.

H. Stark, D. Arnold, M. Krämer, J.R. Reichenbach – Darstellung kollagenhaltiger Strukturen mittels MRT mit ultrakurzen Echozeiten.

TH Bingen: Bits & Chips

We are pleased to be invited by TH Bingen to give a presentation on “Prote­in­sta­bi­lität gegenüber chemi­scher Modifi­kation am Beispiel von SARS-Cov 2” in the Bits & Chips event series.

Mittwoch, 24. November 2021 – 18:00 – 20:00 Uhr

Prote­in­sta­bi­lität gegenüber chemi­scher Modifi­kation am Beispiel von SARS-Cov 2

GCB 2021

We are represented with a presentation at the GCB meeting:

German Conference on Bioinformatics 2021

Our presentation:

Tuesday 13:00 – Postersession 2 : P30 – P58

(P31) Stark H, Fichtner M & Schuster S (2021) Protein stability with respect to chemical modifications. Example: SARS-Cov 2

ESB 2021

We are represented with presentations at the ESB meeting:

26th Congress of the European Society of Biomechanics

Our presentations:

Tuesday 2:30pm – Biomech: Poster session – Other Topics in Biomechanics

H. Stark, M. S. Fischer, E. Andrada – Hierarchical clustering of muscle activation during dog locomotion: a simulation study

Wednesday 9:30am – A&P.1: Animal and plant biomechanics

H. Stark, E. Andrada, M. S. Fischer – FEM simulation of the knee joint in dogs: Effects of joint loading correlate with bone density