The Toolbox is an installer for all software tools listed on this website. Furthermore, system relevant links and the start menu entries are set.

Toolbox includes: Cloud2, Master, Enzyme2 and ImageXd. See below for more information.

Version 6.11.24

toolbox 64bit (Installer Windows & Wine/Darwine)
toolbox 32bit (Installer Windows, ReactOS & Wine/Darwine)

toolbox 64bit (RPM installer Linux)
toolbox 64bit (DEB installer Linux)
toolbox 32bit (RPM installer Linux)
toolbox 32bit (DEB installer Linux)

Note: Intel 32bit runs also on 64bit systems, but only with 4 GB memory!

Note: On Windows, the installation can be difficult due to the desired certification.

All programs use an underlying scripting language for greater functionality.
Here you will found a documentation / help.

cloud2  Program: Cloud2

A powerful tool to process data files. Cloud (to) can transform, process, and evaluate data such as point clouds, vector fields, space curves, and meshes.

master2  Program: Master

A tool to process macro files in parallel and sequential threads. So you always have all the threads in your hand.

 Program: ImageXd

ImageXd is the successor for image, image3d, and transform2. It’s a command line tool (see also image) to process and evaluate image data (such as microscopic images). If you have the ImageMagick® extension, you can read and write a variety of data formats (over 200) including PNG, JPEG, JPEG-2000, GIF, TIFF, DPX, EXR, WebP, Postscript, PDF, and SVG. For more information, look at Imagemagick®. And a command line tool (see also image3d) to process and evaluate spatial data (such as CT or MRI data). Additionally, it can process the resulting vector fields, tensor fields, point-vector-lines clouds (see cloud2), and mesh data (see also transform2).

       Program: (Image)
       Program: (Image3d)
       Program: (Transform2)

 Program: Enzyme2

Enzyme2 is a command line tool to process and evaluate metabolic networks and microarray data. It uses the Affymetrix (Microarray), BioCyc (Pathway/Genome), and GO (Ontology) databases.

These programs are owned by Heiko Stark. They can be used free of charge for non-commercial use. For the common citations in publications please use the following entry “‘name’ software (Heiko Stark, Jena, Germany, URL: