Mittelerde-Meeting 2018

We are represented with a presentation at the congress:

Mittelerde-Meeting 2018
3. Central German Meeting on Bioinformatics

Our presentation:

Friday, 15/Jun/2018 – 3:30pm – 3:50pm

M Fichtner*, S Schuster, H Stark – Computational analysis of peptide/protein damage susceptibility.

Software rebuild (cloud2, master, imagexd & enzyme2)

Bug fixes and new features added.

cloud2: supports pdb-data to visualize proteins
master: only bug fixes
imagexd: better support for rgb vectors
enzyme2: only bug fixes

15th International Symposium on Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering and 3th Conference on Imaging and Visualization (CMBBE) 2018

We are represented with a presentation at the congress.

CMBBE 2018

Our presentation:

Tuesday, 27th March (Room MA)

Stark H, Andrada E, Fischer MS – A three-dimensional model of the dog’s locomotor system.

ImageXd leaves the beta phase.

I think ImageXd is ready to be released into the world. In addition to the vector field, it also contains the tensor field creation from fibrous data sets. This allows you to use a number of additional software tools to evaluate them.

Meeting – Active researchers of fascia 2018

Interesting meeting in Chemnitz.